How important is Page Rank?

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About 3 months ago I decided to it was time to update my website and add some informative blog entries that could help site visitors and existing clients. I cleaned up my layout, added a few new customer support features and removed any extras that i deemed unnecessary…

I had been very busy and did not have much information on the old site but i had a Google Page Rank of 6 and decent Alexa Rank. Cool, right? To my huge disappointment, my page rank went down to ‘0’, that’s right …zero.

I am not complaining, since i started my changes my traffic has increased greatly, so it leads me to wonder … how important is Page Rank?

It’s been a couple of months and my page rank has come back. my site continues to climb although I have seen a plateau. I have not updated the site as much as I should so I am guessing it’s due to that. my next step is to put some focus on Social Media to help with my SEO strategy.

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  • Joseph Piccolo

    Thinking about Pagerank and SEO optimization for more than 15 minutes always gives me the largest headache imaginable. Part of me wishes that it were all simpler, but I know that would only lead to everyone and their mother gaming the system.

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